Rev. Thomas L. Harris Called to St. Luke and The Epiphany (1933)


September 26, 1933

To the Members of the Congregation of the Church of St. Luke and The Epiphany:

“The Vestry has invited the Rev. T. L. Harris to administer the affairs of the church during the coming winter. The first regular service will be held on Sunday morning, October 1st at 11 A.M.”

“Mr. Harris comes to us with some understanding of the problems with which the parish is confronted, the difficulties that are being experienced by all the central parishes of the city, and he shrinkage that has occurred in the productive value of endowment funds. In spite of this, he comes to give this congregation his wholehearted endeavor to serve its spiritual needs and to reestablish the parish on a secure foundation. He cannot accomplish these purposes without your real cooperation and support.”

The answer to the problems of our parish lies in large measure with the congregation. Mr. Harris will, we know, do his part to make the church live and grow. The Vestry will endeavor faithfully to perform its duties. If the congregation, by its attendance at services and in other ways shall demonstrate that the church is valuable in their lives, the experiment will undoubtedly succeed.


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